Brand Logo Score

AI-Powered Solution To Improve Video Branding at Scale

  • The Brand Logo Score helps marketers brand their creatives more effectively. The AI-powered metric does this by ensuring a brand’s logo is visible when viewers’ emotional engagement levels are at their highest,  strengthening viewers' connection with the brand.
  • The score integrates Realeyes’ emotion and logo detection AI, not surveys, to determine viewers' attention and emotional engagement while a brand's logo is in frame.

How Does it Work? 

  1. Realeyes’ emotion AI is used to determine the moments in the creative when viewers are most engaged.
  2. The AI then automatically identifies and time-stamps the moments when a brand’s logo is on screen. Realeyes has over 3,700 well-known brand logos in its database.
  3. A 0-100 score is generated that reflects the degree that the ad’s logo placement(s) were timed to fully capitalise on the maximum emotive power of the creative.
  4. The score is adjusted to account for temporary viewer attention lapses and cases where logo presence is small enough that it might go unnoticed by the human eye.
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