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Delivering Creative Effectiveness at Scale


• Self-serve platform
• AI-powered measurement
• $500 per video  
• Results in 3 hrs 


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Self-Service Platform

Realeyes GO (BETA) is a self-service platform that enables marketers to measure the effectiveness of their content using the speed and scale of AI. Through opted-in webcams, which capture viewers’ attention levels and emotional responses in real time, within 3 hours you’ll know how well your creative will perform.


Drag, drop, GO!

No need to wait, measure as many creatives as you want, when you want.


Single performance score

Know almost instantly what’ll fly or flop using one score comprised of emotion and attention, making comparing multiple assets a cinch.


Results within 3 hours

Access to global audiences via opted-in webcams means faster campaign decisions.


$500 per video

Realeyes GO is the most cost-effective way to measure your content at scale and more accurate than CTR or VTR.


>20K video database

Benchmark the effectiveness of your content by competitor, industry, geography or previous campaigns.


Boost your budget

Spend just 1% of your media budget and watch it work 20% harder.

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“We’ve been using GO to test a range of TVCs both before and after they go live. It’s cost-effective, lightning quick and gives us a good sense of the emotional connections we’re creating.”
Lisa McDowell
Head of Brand Strategy & Insight

Real Responses, Real Results, Real Fast

Rather than asking people how they think they felt after watching a piece of creative or relying on misleading campaign metrics to measure content effectiveness, GO uses opted-in audience’s webcams to measure the instinctive reactions of consumers to content in real time. The power of AI makes it far easier to test content at scale - and faster than ever.

The AI-powered platform tells you exactly and almost instantly what people think about your creative, including which parts made them smile and which parts bored them to tears.

It does using Realeyes’ emotion AI, which can use any webcam-enabled mobile or desktop device in the world to measure and quantify consumers’ attention levels and emotions as they watch.

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Measure as many videos as you want, when you want.

1  Drag and drop your creative on to the dashboard

2  Select your country and you’re ready to go

3  Results ready in 1 to 3 hours

4  View by positive/negative emotion and attention

5  Filter by age group, gender or device

Performance Where it Counts


Realeyes Score

Score combines viewers’ emotional engagement and attention levels to help maximise the ROI of media campaigns.


Brand Logo Score

See the level of audience engagement during the precise moments when your brand logo is featured to ensure a brand connection is made.


Compare Norms

Benchmark the effectiveness of your content by competitor, industry, geography or by previous campaigns.


Emotion & Attention Traces

Get a second-by-second traces to see precisely where the content grabbed or lost positivity or attention to inform opportunities to edit.


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Get ready, GO!


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