A tidy little package enabling you to dig into how customers really feel about your content or see how you stack against the competition.

  • Test up to 6 videos
  • Pure emotion response data (System 1)
  • Measures linked to business impact
  • Benchmarks include product, brand, category and country.
  • Optional survey - yours or ours (brand lift) 
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • 24/48 hour turnaround
  • 40% discount (single purchase only)

Report Example
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Icon 1 Optimize

Optimize Videos

With second by second emotion traces, see exactly how people react to your content - what works and where it might fall short.


Icon 2 Select Winners

Select Winners

The Realeyes EmotionAll® score ranks your assets – see at a glance which videos to push or pull.

Icon 3 Target

Target Audiences

The score enables you to weed out the low performers and identify which demographic responds best to your video.

Icon 4 Compare Norms

Compare Norms

See how your video performs amongst different markets, genders, or age groups as well as custom demographic segments, in order to fully optimize your targeting.

Icon 5 Drive Efficiency

Drive Efficiency

Skew spend towards the most engaged audiences and invest in high performing content.


Icon 6 Compare

Predict Performance

Capitalize on your earned media potential and inform channel split decisions based on the 1 to 10 score.