All of the ads from Super Bowl 2019 ranked by effectiveness using face-reading AI

Ads are as much a part of Super Bowl Sunday as touchdowns, eating chips and hail Mary passes, but with a seat at the Big Game costing $5M, the pressure on marketers to make the most of their moment in the Super Bowl sun has never been more intense.


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But how do you measure success? Looking at ads which generated the most headlines and chatter across social media does not tell the full story. To really understand which spot extracted the most engagement, attention and positive sentiment among consumers we need a solution that not only asks consumers how they felt about each ad, but also measures their subconscious, instinctive reactions to the content.


Realeyes’ 2019 Super Bowl study does just that, using the AI company’s face-reading #emotionAI tech to rank all of the ads aired during Super Bowl 2019 by how effective they are.


Ad rankings are based on the following:

  • EmotionAll® score: A 1-10 score based on the composite of four metrics: Attraction, Retention, Engagement and Impact – %Better than being the score’s position against every video tested to date on the Realeyes database of over 18,000 videos.

  • Attention: A 1-10 score which measures just how much attention an ad is generating. The metric is measured using webcams, looking at participants’ body position and head/ eye movements.

These scores were then fed into an algorithm to determine an overall score out of 10. The higher the score, the more effective the ad is at grabbing attention and eliciting strong emotional responses.

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